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[YDZ+23] Rui Yan, Xiaoming Duan, Rui Zou, Xin He, Zongying Shi, Francesco Bullo. Multiplayer Homicidal Chauffeur Reach-Avoid Games: A Pursuit Enclosure Function Approach. Technical report , arXiv. Paper under submission. 2023. [pdf] [bib]
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Abstract. This paper presents a multiplayer Homicidal Chauffeur reach-avoid differential game, which involves Dubins-car pursuers and simple-motion evaders. The goal of the pursuers is to cooperatively protect a planar convex region from the evaders, who strive to reach the region. We propose a cooperative strategy for the pursuers based on subgames for multiple pursuers against one evader and optimal task allocation. We introduce pursuit enclosure functions (PEFs) and propose a new enclosure region pursuit (ERP) winning approach that supports forward analysis for the strategy synthesis in the subgames. We show that if a pursuit coalition is able to defend the region against an evader under the ERP winning, then no more than two pursuers in the coalition are necessarily needed. We also propose a steer-to-ERP approach to certify the ERP winning and synthesize the ERP winning strategy. To implement the strategy, we introduce a positional PEF and provide the necessary parameters, states, and strategies that ensure the ERP winning for both one pursuer and two pursuers against one evader. Additionally, we formulate a binary integer program using the subgame outcomes to maximize the captured evaders in the ERP winning for the pursuit task allocation. Finally, we propose a multiplayer receding-horizon strategy where the ERP winnings are checked in each horizon, the task is allocated, and the strategies of the pursuers are determined. Numerical examples are provided to illustrate the results.